This post contains water, malt, hops, yeast.

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing

I started homebrewing about a year ago, mostly out of curiosity, but also mostly because of the ridiculous price/quality ratio we have to put up with here in Finland. I bought as little equipment as I could get away with, and so far I’ve made a few small batches (weizen, pale ale, stout) that ranged from reasonable to very tasty, and at a cost (ingredient-wise, at least) below even the most tasteless cheapest commercial beer.

I still consider myself an absolute beginner at this, but I’ve realised that even an absolute beginner can quite easily make a quality beverage, and learn something about what beer actually is at the same time. I wondered, then, if my self-proclaimed beginner status could make it easier to encourage other people to try brewing for themselves. Continue reading Co-Brewing

So it’s come to this.

After my last post, I poked around the web a bit and realised there’s a severe lack of English-language coverage of the Finnish beer scene. There’s quite a few beer bloggers here, but (surprise!) pretty much all of them are writing in Finnish.

So here goes. I’ll be trying to avoid reviewing beers, and instead look at the scene in general, and maybe the Finland-specific aspects of the situation that the locals might miss.

Wish me luck..