Knock Knock


We already heard that a new “American-style” beer bar is set to open next month, at the site of The Stage on Iso Roba. A little more was revealed today about the newcomer, the third new beer-focused bar to open in Helsinki in as many months.


The bar’s called Tommyknocker, after the Colorado-based craft brewer that will apparently be supplying the bulk of its beers, including a maple brown ale and inevitable IPA. There will be “over 60” US craft beers on offer, and a “wide range” of US-style beers from Finnish breweries, according to the press release, which goes on to describe an “American twist”: there will be no taps at the bar itself, making it “possible to naturally chat with the customers.”

Insert joke about Finnish culture here.

There’s no mention on Tommyknocker’s website or social media about the tie-up, so the extent of their involvement in the venture is unknown. It would be nice to think that they’re sharing more than just their name and beardy logo, but there’s nothing to suggest that it goes any further than that. The Helsinki ‘knocker is part of the Delifox group, as are Punavuori reliables the Black Door and Punavuoren Ahven. It seems the daunting 540m walk between those two places will, in time, become just a memory.

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